3 Spring Car Checks You Need To Be Carrying Out

The winter period is tough on our vehicles, and once the cold weather starts to become a memory and the springtime rolls around there are a number of checks you should be making on your car to ensure it’s still road safe and everything is working correctly.

You should, of course, be performing basic checks on your vehicle on a regular basis for both safety and peace of mind, but here are a couple that are especially important to carry out now that the springtime is here.

Check your tyres

You should be checking your tyres often throughout the seasons anyway, but with the change of seasons comes another important time for doing so.

If you’ve been driving on winter tyres, now is the time to change them for summer ones. If you’ve been driving the same tyres throughout the seasons and aren’t planning on changing them, you will need to check the wear and tear.

The cold weather and frost tends to damage the rubber, and there are usually more potholes to dodge, so make sure they are still in good condition and that the wheels are still well-balanced. You’ll also want to check the pressure and tread while you’re at it.

Check your wipers

We spoke to VW Motor Parts who told us “your windscreen wipers will have had quite the workout over the winter months, what with all the rain, snow, and salt from the roads, not to mention becoming frozen on a regular basis. So spring is a great time to check them over and replace them if you need to. If they’re still good to go, it’s worth giving them a good clean.”

To keep your wipers in good condition during the winter, always be careful to make sure they haven’t become frozen to your windscreen before you set off, as using them can cause them to rip.

It’s also worth making sure that your windscreen washer is topped up now that spring is here, as you’ll no doubt be needing to clear bugs from your windscreen soon enough.

Check your air conditioning

With summer approaching, you should make sure that your air conditioning system is working correctly and in good condition. Not only do you want to make sure it’s working properly to keep you comfortable, but it’s important for your health as well. The air conditioning system can breed bacteria and fungus, which is bad news for asthma sufferers or those with allergies.

It’s a good idea to have your air conditioning serviced and, if necessary, regassed now that winter is behind us. Quite often local garages will provide discounted servicing for your aircon as the summer approaches!

We hope this has shed some light on a few things you ought to be doing to ensure your car is in tip-top condition to keep you safe on the roads now that the spring has arrived! Don’t forget to also check whether your car is due for its annual service!

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