9 Mods That Can Help Up Your Car’s Resale Value

In the automobile industry, not everyone sees their vehicle as just a mode of transportation to get them from Point A to Point B. There are many who consider themselves collectors and others who are businessmen when it comes to re-selling a vehicle. While luxury cars and collectibles are always in high demand, even the most boring car can have a major increase in its resale value after a few customized modifications.

While adding a hot tub or a flat screen TV to a car isn’t practical, there are still some mods that are considered helpful. Here are some examples:

1 – Alloy Wheels

Investing in a new set of alloy wheel for mercedes Benz cars will bring up its resale value significantly. Not only do these new wheels look amazing, but they are also lightweight and very durable.

2 – Replacing Worn Out Rubbers

Although not technically a car modification, replacing all the worn out rubber parts of the vehicle such as the door rubbers, window gaskets, and weatherstripping rubber can make an old car look new again.

3 – Custom Paint Job

It is simple but it does the job. Car owners and collectors want a unique car and what better way to stand out from the rest than a classy, but unique paint job?

4 – New Treads

Getting a new wheel for Mercedes cars once the old treads have worn out will increase its value. Dented, scratched, or bent wheels never look appealing, make sure to change the wheels before putting your car up for sale.

5 – Leather Interiors

Nothing beats the smells of new car leather and a potential buyer will be persuaded to bid higher once they see how great the interiors look with custom leather seats. If you want to make a profit, you need to invest a little more in your car’s interiors.

6 – Tinted Windows

This modification is best for cars that are being sold in climates where it is usually hot and sunny. Tinted windows keep the car cool which adds to its appeal and value.

7 – Parking Sensors And Cameras

No smart car buyer wants to spend money on a Mercedes that doesn’t come with some modern modifications. Adding parking sensors and cameras just might do the trick, but only consider this is the collector’s market demands it.

8 – Install Bluetooth Connectivity

Almost everyone today relies on their phone for navigation and music. Install a Bluetooth connection in your car if it doesn’t have one yet to appeal to younger buyers.

9 – The Full Body Kit

If you want your car to stand out and really attract the attention of serious buyers because of its aesthetics adding pieces such as side skirts, bumpers, and spoilers just might do the trick! Although this mod is common for modern cars they aren’t very popular with classic models so be careful on how you want to change your car’s look.

Know your market and your car before doing any modification to ensure your Mercedes Benz is attractive and not distracting.

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