Best and Great Earth Friendly auto tips for beginners

Expensive hybrid and electric vehicles which promise to be highly environment friendly are the rage in the market now. These cars consume lesser fossil fuels or totally depend on electricity to run. But, many people can’t afford these Cars. There is no need to shell out big bucks to own an eco-friendly car if you can give some environmental tune-up to your driving habits and vehicle maintenance. Below are some of the best earth friendly automobile tips you can easily adopt:

Maintain your Car Effectively

While driving your automobile, keep your engine running at peak performance. Running the engine properly will help in conserving fuel as well as increase its longevity Get your vehicle serviced at regular intervals as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Also remember to check the pressure in your car’s tires regularly. Tires with less pressure will make your engine to work harder and consume more fuel to maintain the requisite speed.

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Maintain Your Car’s Air Conditioning Unit Properly

Get the Air Conditioning unit of your car serviced by qualified technician at the stipulated intervals. Air Conditioning units which are not maintained well will increase the load on the car’s engine and increase fuel consumption. Your automobile AC technician should be certified to handle and recycle automotive refrigerants. Air Conditioning Units in older vehicles contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) which can damage the ozone layer when not disposed properly. Take care that these CFC gases are not released into the atmosphere carelessly.

Share the Ride

Share your regular vehicle commute with others to reduce your vehicle running costs. Use carpool and mass transit as much as possible. Sharing the ride with others will reduce overall fuel consumption and reduce the impact on the environment and help in easing the congestion of the city roads. This will also reduce the maintenance cost of your car and improve its longevity. Using car-sharing services like Zip car may even remove the need to own a car altogether.

Dispose Properly

Dispose old parts in your car like engine fluids and batteries properly. Improper disposal of engine fluids and acids used in the batteries of your car will make them to seep into groundwater, lakes, and streams. This will lead to water and air pollution. If you don’t know how to dispose the waste, contact your local government waste management agency for advice.

Make your Old Vehicles Mercury Free

Some old vehicles contain mercury in the switches used to control the bonnet, boot, and several lights in your vehicle. When not disposed properly, switches with mercury can be hazardous to the environment. Replace the old switches with nontoxic mechanical switches. Many automobile clubs across the USA are now offering ‘switch out’ programs to make old vehicles mercury free.

Good vehicle maintenance and environmentally friendly driving habits will reduce emissions, conserve scarce natural resources, and improve the durability of your vehicle. Simply put, if you “go green,” the environment wins, your vehicle wins — and you will be the biggest winner of all!

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