Exceptional Options For the Right Truck Leasing Options Now

For many people, traveling by lorry or van is far from being part of everyday life, because most of us seldom need such a big vehicle, for example during a move.In order for a truck ride but does not become an adventure trip with unpleasant surprises, the team of mietwagen24 .com some useful advice about trucks & vans together.

Before it begins

Basically, a truck or van ride: preparation is half the battle. First of all, just look at the driver’s license to see if you are allowed to drive the truck or van at all. It’s worth reading, since January 2013, new EU driving license regulations apply.

Once the right vehicle has been chosen, untrained drivers should be given enough time to operate the truck or the van. The best way to explain the special features of the vehicle from the staff of the car rental and then turns a couple of practice rounds in the parking lot. The same applies to the correct refueling and commissioning of lifting platforms or tail lifts.

On road

Who has arrived safely at the destination, he has almost made it. Basically, when parking and also when maneuvering: Not without the help of a third party. What the truck or the van lacks, is a rear window, so that only the view remains in the mirrors when turning, parking or turning. Accordingly, third-party hand gestures, such as relocation helpers, are a useful support, especially when reversing. In any case, you should agree in advance to avoid possible misunderstandings. The use of the truck leasing Singapore option is there.

Many people drive only on special occasions with a truck or van. This may include relocations, the drive to the furniture store or other transportation.

Rent Mercedes Benz truck

  • What you should consider when picking up the vehicle
  • Although the vehicles basically all work the same, but the controls are arranged a little differently in a truck, as one knows from a car ago.
  • Take your time and let us explain the operation of the truck or van by the staff. You may also like to do some practice rounds at the Rental Station site or in a quieter area.

The differences to the car already begin at the circuit, which holds a higher number of gears and where the reverse gear can be located at a different location than the car. The Sixt employees are also happy to inform you about the refueling and handling of the tail lift, which is usually equipped with a safety circuit.

Necessarily adapt driving behavior

A pickup truck and even more a moving truck are bigger and heavier than your car. This should be considered when choosing his speed, the distances to the front man and also when driving through bends and narrow streets. Also in the route planning you should think of it and his navigation set to truck dimensions and weights, so that, for example, underpasses without sufficiently clear height consistently avoided.

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