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Every move is a bit like learning to walk again. There are always new aspects that were not important until then. Have you often moved, perhaps never with the new cabinet, the piano or the new children’s room? Also, family growth or new pets may affect the selection. Even when renting a truck applies in principle: Ask someone who is familiar with such a thing.

As a rule, freight forwarders and moving companies are the most competent contact persons. Of course, they cost you more money than if you want to organize everything by yourself. But you should also know the basic rules of relocation transport with the professional. This allows you to better understand the cost of renting a truck.

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Rent a truck – where can I get the optimal moving van?

Many household removals in the Western world are similar. Towels, kitchen appliances, beds and technical equipment are available in virtually every home. Therefore, one can close the weight of the entire move from the volume. When moving, the quantity to be transported is calculated in cubic meters. It should be remembered that the dimensions of all furniture and utensils cannot be easily added together. A kitchen cabinet with a volume of one cubic meter usually contains half of the contents that are extra during transport. You can use the truck leasing Singapore is important now.

Once you have determined the approximate volume of your move, you can tackle the truck rental. It is always advisable to exceed the maximum storage space of the truck again by up to 20 percent. When packing and stowing there are always stowage spaces and gaps, which cannot be used optimally. Now you have to find a supplier who rents out trucks in the required vehicle group. There are of course carriers and moving companies, but also a normal car rental company. If the rental car in the category of smaller trucks or vans is to be found, then you may also get cheaper rates at a local provider. For example:

  • Agricultural operation
  • Building Materials
  • construction company
  • hardware store

Scaffolding companies

Rental cars in smaller truck classes can also be obtained from the ADAC van hire service, as a member also at special prices.

What you should pay attention to when renting a truck

When renting a truck additional features have to be considered. This can be the special conditions at the pick-up or delivery point. If turning options make road access impossible for large vehicles, then perhaps a truck with a trailer is the cheaper option – or two smaller vehicles. Of course special arrangements have to be made for special requirements. If you need to transport a harmonium, a saltwater aquarium or live animals, pay particular attention to this when renting a truck.

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