How you can Care for your Car Damper?

Are you experiencing uncomfortable ride? Have your car tires started to wear prematurely? Check out how to care for your car dampers and upgrade car suspension parts for better performance.

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Now coming to the topic, what’s the function of different car suspension components especially car dampers? If you don’t have any clue, then do read this informative article. Moreover it is essential to check all the suspension parts along with regular maintenance and examination of other car parts for better driveability.

Car Suspension- Dampers

Car suspension consists of various components like frame, steering linkage, control arm and shock absorber.

The frames are the structural, load carrying component that supports car’s engine and body which in turn is supported by car’s suspension. The dampers dissipate the energy that the springs absorb.

Now here comes the dampers i.e. shock absorbers. The dampers control the unwanted spring motion and the energy that it releases from a bump at an uncontrollable rate.

The energy of springs during coiling or uncoiling is transferred to shock absorbers through upper mount into the piston through piston rod. The orifices perforate the piston and leak the fluid as the piston moves up and down in pressure tube. Only a small amount of fluid passes through which slow down the piston.

Leaks in dampers

Dampers are filled with special oil, which provides the damping effect. The gland seal round the parts of damper can go weak by time and might start to malfunction. This allows the leaks to formulate and the oil to escape.

Renew the dampers if you notice any dark stain on dampers. Its not that difficult to fit new dampers. All you need is a set of spanners or ratchet sockets.

Symptoms of Worn Dampers

If the piston seal inside shock absorber is wearing, you will feel sudden vibrations in the car while driving especially on steering wheel. These vibrations can be felt when hitting a pothole or bump on the road as the car starts to go out of control and thus the vibrations are felt.

Are your tires showing signs of uneven tire wear? Worn shock absorbers wont be able to hold the tires firmly on road which results in uneven wear. Tire wears are not good as they may result in hydroplaning, if left unattended. Moreover, you will have to spend good amount of your fortune in their replacement.

Malfunctioning dampers have adverse impact on car braking performance. If the braking distance increases or it takes more time for the brakes to stop the car, its probably because the car is taking extra time to cop up with the piston rod length.

The seals around the shaft as mentioned above, start to leak and fluid will run down the side of the shock towards the ground. This loss of fluid wont let the shock absorbers to perform at their best. So, its a red flag that you must visit your mechanic.

It becomes common for the car to swerve and nose dive in case of bad dampers. This generally happens due to the uncontrollable movement of pistons due to worn shocks. These are quite dangerous situations. Identify them, and get the damaged or worn parts replaced as per your car mechanic’s suggestions.

Watch out for these symptoms especially when you are driving your car in wet weather. Shocks wear over time, making it difficult to determine when they need to be replaced.

Checking the condition of dampers

Rusting and corrosion are enemies of car parts. So, when you start inspecting condition of dampers, make sure to notice any trace of rust on each damper casing. A deep examination is suggested because there might be some issue in the damper as you dig further deep by unmounting the case.

While checking for rusts, also have a good look at rods. They shouldn’t be rusted because it will damage piston oil seal. Look for signs of damage, perishing, cracks or distortion.

Check for the movements in rubber bushes by moving it back and forth. If it is moving, make sure to visit a garage and get it examined perfectly and make recommended amendments as soon as possible.

Check the rubber discs’ condition along with rubber bush and look for upper mounting on rear or front wings. Check for cracks, and get them replaced.

This job of inspection is somewhat deep and requires deep unmounting of parts. Be careful with that. If you are sure you can safely unmount parts without damaging or breaking them, and then take the initiative to do so. Otherwise, find a good mechanic and make recommended repairs and replacements.

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