Is It a Good Idea to Change Your Own Oil?

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Changing your car’s oil if probably every car owner’s top-of-mind maintenance task. As it is the vehicle’s bloodline, it’s but essential that your ride continues to run on clean and healthy oil. Apparently, since it’s a must in car maintenance, there seems to be an ongoing debate on whether or not you must change your own engine oil.

If you’re one who’s now torn between the two, there’s no need to panic. As a trusted car removal and cash for cars Melbourne company for many years, we have handled all kinds and sizes of vehicles. Our team of expert car wreckers, mechanics, and recyclers ought to provide you with a guide to help you be sure if changing your car’s oil on your own is really the right thing for you to do.

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Reasons why changing your own oil is a good idea:

  1. Tools and instructions are easy to find. – even if you don’t have the experience in changing engine oil, it won’t be as hard even if you don’t have a professional mechanic to teach you. There are lots of resources available online. Apart from reading blogs and articles like this, you may watch numerous how-to videos online. And once you’ve learned how you can do it by yourself, you’ll also realise that the tools and equipment you’ll be needing are readily available in your local auto parts stores and even hardware shops.
  2. You don’t have a pro you can trust. – if you are just too meticulous about your ride and you can’t seem to trust anybody with it, then doing your oil change is kinda your only option. Well, there are lots of trustworthy and competent mechanics around. But the truth of the matter is, you just want to have full-on quality control. If you just really have to make sure that everything is 101% perfect with your car, then by all means change your own oil.
  3. It can save you some time. – Changing your own oil saves you time because it simply eliminates the time you need to spend driving to the auto repair shop, waiting for the job to finish, and driving back to your place. Plus, by choosing to do it on your own, you can choose exactly when you want to do it.
  4. You’ll gain more hands-on experience and satisfaction. – if you’re really determined to learn something new (on car maintenance) and you’re simply into fiddling with your vehicle’s components, then go ahead and do it on your own. Moreover, once you’ve successfully done it on your own, it’ll give you personal satisfaction and a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

But forget about changing oil on your own if…

  • You’re looking forward to saving money. In all honesty, you don’t really save a lot of money if you choose to do your own oil change. The difference in the expenses is just little. As a matter of fact, if you also take into account your own labor costs, you’re probably better of having a professional do it for you; plus it’s faster. Besides, there are simply other ways so you can save a few bucks on an oil change service.
  • You’re not up for investing on tools and equipment. (assuming you don’t have any) Pros can do lots of oil change jobs in a day simply because they have all the equipment necessary to finish it in a jiffy. We have to admit that the ‘common’ car owner doesn’t have those. So if you really don’t want to force yourself on the initial investment in equipment, then scrape the idea of changing your car’s oil on your own.
  • You don’t want to recycle your old oil. As leading auto recyclers and car wreckers Melbourne, we want to emphasize that when you do decide to change your own oil, you also have to be willing to recycle. That entails pouring the used motor oil into clean bottles, sealing them up and taking them to the local recycling facility or auto parts shops. Now if you’re thinking of skipping the recycling part, then please do us (and Mother Earth) a favor by not changing your own oil by yourself.

Our take:

Technically, there isn’t much difference on doing your own oil change and having a professional do it for you. Simply put, it’s a 50-50 scenario. When you let someone else do it for you, it’s fast, convenient, and mess-free (not to mention the free car inspection). And when you DIY, you gain experience, satisfaction, and full-on control.

So, since there isn’t much difference in terms of the costs and savings, it all really boils down to what you really want to get from it. Just consider all the pointers we have mentioned, and in no time you’ll easily determine what to do next.

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