Protecting Your Auto Investment

For thousands of Americans every day, a new car purchase is an exhilarating time to drive away in a new statement piece. There are 300 million cars on American roads today, and the car endures as the ultimate symbol of success in the US. We buy an average of nine cars in our lifetimes. That’s nine investments that we hope will last as long as possible. Cars grant extensive mobility and convenience as no other product can. Owning a car allows you to drive to work, school, or the grocery store, and cut out the time waiting for a bus, subway, or a lengthy walk or bike ride – not to mention the extended range of these activities that car ownership allows for. But car ownership is expensive, and poor management or even an event outside of your control can unexpectedly cost you even more.

Luckily there are steps you can take to protect your investment — keeping your car on the road and you to your busy schedule.

Assurances beyond insurance coverage

The importance of warranty coverage cannot be overstated. Nearly every major manufacturer now covers vehicles during the initial stages of its life on the road. But new cars rarely break in any meaningful way without help. This is an invaluable assurance for fixing damage done through your own driving errors or to bridge the gap between what another driver’s insurance company is willing to pay. But what about damage or breakdowns that occur after your initial manufacturer’s warranty expires? Often you can purchase continuation policies from third party companies or in the case of the Chrysler family of vehicles (Dodge, Jeep, etc.), an extended powertrain warranty can be obtained to cover maintenance for up to the lifetime of your vehicle.

Extended warranties are invaluable tools that provide a safety net for the expensive repairs that are lurking somewhere in the distant future for all automobile owners. These expenses affect all drivers, whether it’s a simple tire replacement or you are having difficulties with radiator or electronics components. The knowledge that you will not be left having to figure out your monthly expenses on top of an exorbitant mechanic’s bill instills an incredible peace of mind.

Trust your shop

Odds are you have already experienced an auto accident. Statistically speaking, every American driver will experience three or four in their lifetime. Understanding that repair work is a necessary evil in the car world is one thing, but finding auto repair work that you trust is a whole different ball game. This is especially true in the event of a crash. If you go to a less than stellar outfit, you will end up driving around in a car later on that you feel uncertain about. Decisive action is so important to safe driving, and if you have lingering doubts about the safety of your own vehicle when it gets back out on the road, it will actually put you in more danger. Finding competent auto collision repair in Salem, OR, will alleviate your concerns once you are back behind the wheel.

Auto body work is also priced using strange methods. You may ask for a quote at four different repair shops and see widely varying prices or be informed of a secondary problem that is a “must-fix” issue by just one of the shops. It is essential to find a shop with competent staff, but it is just as important to trust the people who will be working on your vehicle.

Getting the help you need

Finally, you may face a time when you are unable to go it alone after an accident. Enlisting the help of a reliable law firm if you are stuck in the hospital or are dealing with a difficult insurance representative over the phone may be just the tool you need to get what you deserve. After an accident, insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with, making you call multiple people or multiple times just to check the status of our claim — not to mention actually filing one. If you find yourself up against what feels like an impenetrable wall, it may be time to call a lawyer for help. Auto lawyers deal with insurance companies every day and are well-versed in the finicky art of negotiation, a skill that many of us simply do not have.

Your car is a part of your personality, but it serves a purpose much greater than that. Cars have become an integral part of our lives. Drivers need to do everything in their power to protect their investment from inevitable deterioration. Gauge your options and make intelligent choices to ensure your vehicle stays on the road for the long haul.

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