Some DIY tips to remove dents and scratches from your vehicle

Even with minor dents and scratches, you car can look ugly. This is why people in America repair them as soon as they appear so that their vehicle can look good as new. Mechanic shops like Wendell collision repair shop can help you to remove any scratch or dents from your car at affordable price. If you want to try repairing them by yourself, the following tips can help-

  • Candle wax or super glue

If your vehicle has got some small scratches, then it is better to use these solutions, rather than spending money on the repair. To repair, clean the affected area properly and then rub candle wax over it. This will seal the scratch and prevent your vehicle from getting damaged further. Superglue can also be used in the same manner as it blends very well with its surrounding.

  • Use a mallet or hammer

If your vehicle has got a dent and you can access the back portion of the affected region, mallets or hammers can be very useful. Use mallet to clear out large dents and hammers can be used to repair the smaller dents. Make sure that you strike on the dents lightly so that you can maintain the real shape of the metal. If you are not sure, visit the accident repair shop.

  • Use a dent puller if necessary

Nowadays, you can easily find dent pullers in the market at pretty affordable prices. These tools are made specifically to repair large as well as small dents on your vehicle and is among the must have tools. You simply have to stick it to the affected area and screw it until the dent pops out.

  • Nail polish

This is the best DIY method of removing any dent from your car. Simply buy a Nail polish that is same as the color of your vehicle then clean the scratch and apply a thin coat of nail polish over the affected area and your work is done.

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