The advantages of renting a truck in Singapore

You want to light a truck and your administrative management? Then truck rental Singapore is the ideal solution for you in the long term. They have tractors for rent, trucks for rent, etc.

As an independent financier, they are free to organize the truck rental with the brands that are best on the market. They work together with Truck rental of Used Truck centers, as well as from their own Lease Stock. You can rent a truck for a period of 12 months up to 48 months. At your request, you can also reserve and hire your dream truck for a certain period of time.

Benefits of Truck Renting in Singapore:

Below are primary benefits you receive:

  • A monthly rental invoice with fixed amount per month.
  • Your invoice is booked for you as a business expense. This does not affect your solvency ratio.
  • Tax must not be pre-funded.
  • Duration and kilometer consumption of your choice (max. 96 months or 1,000,000 km).
  • No option on final maturity. The sale is arranged by the Trading department

As you are used to, there are many possibilities. So you can opt for a rental or lease construction. Extra attractive is renting or leasing for several years. You then pay a (very favorable) fixed amount per month. Exceptional here is the Leasing of second hand trucks through Lease Buy formula. Ask the customer service team about factory-new trucks. In addition, they offer you the possibility to buy the truck or exchange it for a new one after the end of the contract period.

They are also willing to take over your current own truck. This allows you to make cash again to finance your growth.When renting over longer periods there are many more possibilities, talk about it with our customer service. For example, they can carry out your truck in your own company style.

Renting a van is not always obvious. That is why they offer you interesting Lease Buy formula. This truck leasing combines the advantages of renting with the benefits of buying. Because of this, the prices are 50% cheaper than the average rent.

Plan Before Renting

Plan your move and arrange friends, family, acquaintances and employees to help you that day. Pack your belongings in boxes, bags, bags, etc.Load the truck with tail lift, together with professional driverHe or she will safely bring your belongings to your new home or business premises. Don’t forget to recharge the truck.

Even if you intend to carry out your relocation yourself, it is useful to rent a lorry with a tail lift . Sofas, cupboards, tables, etc. are often too big to carry with your own transport. With the right transport you can transport a lot of things at the same time, so you do not have to drive up and down less often. Rent a truck with tail lift at an attractive rate? That is possible with large business truck, thathas a capacity of over 63 m3.

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