The Best Auto Repair Software On The Market – Look No Further Than Tekmetric

We don’t often think about mechanics – unless youarea mechanic yourself, that is – until our cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles are broken down. A big reason for that is because most people associate mechanics with dishonest business practices, including – but definitely not limited to:

  • Billing customers for services that weren’t performed.
  • Inaccurately diagnosing mechanical issues so as to have customers pay for multiple unnecessary repairs.
  • Charging customers too much.
  • Intentionally carrying out repairs that weren’t necessary to fix whatever might have been wrong with customers’ vehicles.

The list goes on indefinitely. While this isn’t to say that mechanics are, in fact, usually dishonest, it isto detail the reasons why most consumers don’t feel too confident about going to mechanics for major repairs, preventative maintenance, or even free estimates.

That’s why business-minded mechanics need programs like Tekmetric

Every automobile repair shop that’s worth its salt has a modern auto repair software installed throughout all of its workplace computers. Mechanic work doesn’tnecessarily require computers to get the job done, though most mechanics simply can’t outsmart a computer in terms of accurately diagnosing problems with motor vehicles. While mechanics will get certain types of questions right more often than computers and vice-versa, automotive repairs are best performedwhenever mechanics and auto repair software work together.

What is Tekmetric?

Tekmetric – its full name is the Tekmetric Shop Management System – was created by the entrepreneurial pair of Prasanth Chilukuri and Sunil Patel, two shop owners who have always had an eye for technology. More than 15,000 hours’ worth of development went into the production of Tekmetric in the three years the program took to be completed.

This auto repair software does more than keep track of what tasks are next, what order customers’ vehicles are in, and calculate performance-related metrics; Tekmetric has both mechanics andconsumers who don’t trust mechanics in mind. Tekmetric’s goal is to aid the customer in any and every way possible.

For example, automotive technicians can take pictures of what steps they’re taking to remedy problems, provide customers with live video streams of diagnosis procedures or record videos and save them for customers’ use in the future, provide customers with quotes from other automotive repair chains – Tekmetric goes as far as doing anything and everything possibleto improve customer service, something that very few mechanics have taken care of.

Tekmetric was created in 2015 in Houston, Texas, where the company is located today. The company has decided to let interested mechanics and all others try the program out for free throughout 2018 just to show the world exactlyhow great the auto repair program is. Simply visit the company’s website by searching for Tekmetricon the World Wide Web.

Auto repair software brings countless benefits to the proverbial table

Communication between suppliers, employees, and especiallycustomers can be improved many times over using auto repair software like Tekmetric. The first two groups don’t matter as nearly as much as customers – Tekmetric’s primary goal is to make customers trust mechanics so much that they’re happily willing to provide those automotive shops with regular return business.

Estimates are made so much easierby trusting an auto repair software to take care of the calculations. You can even provide customers with digital estimates that allow them to pick what quality, make, and style of parts they want through the Internet. Tekmetric is truly a game-changer.

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