Tips And Tricks: How To Pack For Your Next Camping Trip

4WD roof racks are a great blessing for those who plan to go camping. It allows people to pack a whole lot more stuff than just packing everything in the back of the van or car. However, there’s still a subtle approach to packing your camping supplies. Here are five tips to ensure that you come out to your camping trip with all that you need. 

Pack the Essentials. One of the first things that you need to pack are the important things. Prioritising your packing ensures that you will be able to have what you need. What are the essential? First, there’s the right clothes and hygiene items. You want clothing that will keep you warm and dry as well as the necessities. This includes soap, shampoo, toothpaste and all that stuff. The next stuff on the list is sleeping and cooking gear. Sleeping bags and a camp stove are useful. Then there are the tools that you will be using on your camping trip. This can be shovels, axes, and more. Finally, you are going to need emergency supplies. A simple first-aid kit is very useful, as well as compasses, maps, and even signal flares. 

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Bring Food and Water. This should be added to essential, but depending on the type of camping trip you are on, you may not need them as much. However, it is better to have some emergency rations rather than go without. A few gallons of water, as well as some MREs, would fit easily. If you are camping and need a lot of food and supplies, then a mini-fridge would be a good addition. 

Ensure an Organized Packing. When packing focus on accessibility. If you really need something quickly, put it near the access point. If you have to empty out your car before you get the first-aid kit, then it’s not packed properly. The more essential it is, then the easier it should be to access. Organize everything so that you know where to find stuff. Since you are using your roof rack, emphasize on placing the lightweight gear on the roof, while the heavier stuff is in the trunk or in the back. Pack in sections so that you can also unpack in sections – this both makes it organized and easier for everyone. 

Focus on Safety. Don’t stuff everything into your car or rack. That’s an accident waiting to happen. This is why you’ll want to focus on keeping the weight of your packing down and use secure ties to keep your supplies on top or in proper position. This would ensure that there will be no accidents on the road and you won’t find your supplies broken when you arrive at your campsite. Overloading is definitely a safety hazard so you should try to keep the weight down. Know your vehicle’s weight limit and keep to that. 

Practice. The best way to learn to pack is to practice it. Experiment packing your car and unpacking it to see how to do it properly. Practice makes perfect and you can save yourself a lot of heartache by learning to perfectly pack for your camping trip.

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