Ways To Increase Your EV’s Range

One of the biggest problems with electric vehicles is the short range that many models offer. This limited range means that you have to stop frequently to recharge the batteries and this can take time and money and make the EV not as useful as many owners would like. This creates what many EV owners are calling range anxiety.

If you are an electric vehicle owner, or are considering purchasing an electric vehicle, keep reading for some helpful tips that can increase your EV’s range. Let’s get started:

Ways To Increase Your EV’s Range

Drive Smoothly- instead of taking off from a stop quickly or ‘hot rodding’ around town, drive smoothly and accelerate from a stop carefully.

Slow Down- do your best to keep your speed under 60 mph. You will use 14% less energy by reducing your speed by 10 mph and if your EV has an “Eco” mode, use it whenever possible. 

Use Regenerative Braking- use your EV’s energy-recovering regenerative braking function every time you come to a stop.

Go Easy On The Heat- by using your heat less, you will reduce the drain on the battery, thus increasing the overall range of your electric vehicle. Also, avoid using your EV’s heated accessories whenever possible.

Go Easy On The AC- just like the heating system, the AC on your electric vehicle uses electricity to operate. In very hot weather, it will use a lot more electricity, significantly reducing the range of your EV.

Check Your Tires- at least 25% of all vehicles on the road have improperly inflated tires. When your tires aren’t  inflated to the correct pressure, you will notice a reduction in range.

Go Solar- to increase the range of your EV, choose an eco-friendlier solar electric vehicle which doesn’t need recharging. Never Charge electric vehicles are a reality and they are changing the way people think about electric vehicles.

Travel Light- having too much cargo or too many passengers in your EV will use more power to move your car down the road. 

Plan More-Efficient Routes- type your destination into your vehicle navigation system and choose the most efficient route possible. This will reduce the amount of electricity you consume, increasing the range of your EV.

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