What Most People Get Wrong About Vehicle Car Maintenance

Modern vehicles seem to run better, last longer and require far less maintenance than those manufactured just ten years ago. Because of this, owners tend to forget that even the best-made vehicles require some attention from time-to-time. Here are some car maintenance tasks that car owners often forget to perform.

Change the Windshield Wipers Often – Even when they don’t get used, windshield wipers degrade over time. You’ll do better to use bargain basement wipers or refills, and change them four times a year, then installing expensive wipers twice a year. Also, in the winter, traditional bracket-style wipers work better than the new beam style blades, for removing snow and ice from the windshield.

Check the Tire Pressure. Weather, miles, and road condition all affect your vehicle’s tire pressure. It’s impossible to tell if a tire has the correct pressure just by looking at it. Use a gauge to check pressure and fill tires to the manufacturer’s recommended PSI.

Getting their Wheels Aligned Annually. You might not notice that your wheels are out of alignment until your two years old tires need replacement. Misaligned wheels cause tires to wear uneven, and may cause your vehicle to vibrate at high speeds.

Rotate the Tires – Because of steering, front and rear tires wear differently. If you don’t rotate the tires at least once a year, the front tires will wear out much quicker than the rear tires, especially along the edges. Rotating the tires on an annual basis evens out the wear.

Not Checking the Coolant/Antifreeze – Automakers nowadays use coolant/antifreeze that can last up to one-hundred-and-fifty thousand miles. This new life expectancy leads owners to believe the cooling system requires no maintenance at all. But, over the course of that many miles, things happen. It’s a good idea to check your coolant level and color, every ten-thousand miles or so.

When in doubt check your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for more information, or just stop by Auction Direct USA. Our expert mechanics can help you with any issue, large or small.

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