Why Get a Diminished Value Appraisal New York?

When you first purchase a car, especially a collector or custom, you tell the insurance company how much you want to insure it for. When the car is damaged, you rely on the insurance company to provide you with the right amount when you file a claim. But what if you didn’t get an appraisal before you bought the policy? Chances are that you’ll end up fighting the company over the amount of money that you get. You need a diminished value appraisal New York in this case.

After any damage has been done to your vehicle, you can still get an appraisal. A diminished value appraisal can be handed to your insurance company to prove what the car was worth before the accident and its cash value now as a result of the damage.

You might also want a diminished value appraisal if your car has sustained damage because it can help you lower your monthly premiums. This can happen when you change the amount of money you insure your car for on your policy. The lower cash value of the car means you don’t need as much protection as you would if the car were in pristine condition.

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A diminished value car appraisal can also be handy if you’re in the situation where the courts or a lawyer might determine the value of the vehicle, such as in a bankruptcy, divorce, estate planning, or a financial audit. With an independent appraisal, you can help the proceedings proceed more smoothly, quickly, and accurately.

When you work with one of our professional and experienced appraisers, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’re getting an appraisal that will take into consideration all of the important aspects of your custom or classic car, the quality of any restoration work that was done after the damage happened, and the level of the damage itself.

Our appraisers use an extensive database of comparable sales to inform their determination of value. They document the car in great detail with dozens of high-resolution photographs. Those photos and the notes that the appraiser makes are all used in the final appraised value decision.

You can approach your insurance company with confidence that you are telling them the most accurate value of your vehicle, and you won’t need to worry that you’re being taken advantage of. With a diminished car appraisal New York, you are protecting your investment and your overall finances.

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