Why London Morgan Car Lovers Adore These Quaint Villages

There are a few luxuries in life not to be missed. Driving Morgan Cars in the English Countryside is one of them. When Classic Car Lovers, in particular Morgan Car owners are hunting for a quintessential English village, you can bet your bottom dollar they have specific requirements in mind.


A picturesque setting, where they can escape the daily trappings of London city life.


Sunshine, fresh air, historic villages, stately homes, welcoming pubs, cobbled streets, quaint cottages, the country life and the English countryside, or a perfect spot for a picnic to make for a perfect classic car day out.


The team at The Morgan Garage, Little Hallingbury have put together a concise list of ‘must see’ places to visit up to 3 hours outside of London. So, let’s take to the open road and look at some of the charming quintessential villages the outskirts of London has to offer.



Village of Shere – The Surrey Hills

Time: 1 hr 20 mins

Distance: 41 Miles


Heading South of London on route for Shere, you are welcomed by the Surrey Hills, 163 square miles of sheer beauty and countryside paradise. Often frequented by the likes of Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Kate Winslet. The village has lots to offer in terms of being quintessentially English.  Charming buildings, a duck pond, two museums, a couple of pubs and a tea room are just a few of attractions the village has to offer. 1 Hour 30 mins and you will be cup of tea in hand enjoying the beautiful English countryside.


Village of Bilbury – The Cotswolds

Time: 2 hr 10 mins

Distance: 86 miles


Heading West out f London, Bilbury a small village nestled in the Cotswolds is an incredible place to explore. Suggested by many as having the prettiest streets in the whole of England. Nestled on the banks of the River Coin, this charming village has been voted one of Europe’s most charming villages you will want to visit!.


Offering a couple of pubs, hotel, museums, historic mill, church and trout farm. Taking a drive around this beautiful village on a lazy summer afternoon, taking in the scenery, the honey coloured stone buildings, this village is the nearest you can get, to a perfect Cotswolds experience.



Village of Finchingfield  – Essex

Time: 2 hr 25 mins

Distance: 56 miles


Heading East out of London along the M11, lies a small picturesque village of Finchingfield. Dating back to the times of William the conqueror and home to Dodie Smith, author of 101 Dalmatians Finchingfield has been described and renowned for the most photographed village in England.


Complete with picturesque village green, 3 local pubs renowned for their real ales and food, tea rooms, village pond, cricket club, thatched cottages, 18th century windmill, Library and small museum.


This quintessential Village offers photographic driving opportunities galore.



Hambleden – Chiltern Hills

Time: 1 hr 25 mins

Distance: 40 miles


Heading North West out of London and Close to the Henly on Thames lies the village of Hableden.


Dating back to the 14th century, driving through the beechwoods and Chiltern scenery offers a wealth of beauty and picturesque driving. At Hambleden Lock (the idyllic picnic spot) you can park up and enjoy grassy banks, river boats and admiring the tranquil view of daily river life.


The Chilterns is an area of outstanding natural beauty, and Hambleden has a lot to offer, quaint cottages, a church, tea rooms and pub. The local church dates to the 12th century and has appeared in many period films and TV productions including ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, Midsomer Murders’ and 101 Dalmatians.


This unique village even offers the Chiltern Valley Winery & Brewery, so be sure to make a stop at the Winery shop!



If you are thinking of leaving London in search of suburban paradise then these are definitely places to consider. The beauty of these trips is you don’t need to own a Morgan sports car to enjoy the British countryside. A handful of businesses just outside London offer classic car hire, Morgan car hire  for the day and overnight fully insured. Making this a wonderful gift for your loved ones.]


But, before you set off, make sure your up to scratch with the Morgan Car etiquette (Picnic Hamper on board, Hairbrush, scarf and sun glasses to hand). After all you will be enjoying one of the best cars in the world with all its quirky little bits, and as they say ‘when driving a Morgan do as other Moggie Lovers do!’

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